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June 3, 2019


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Which Comedy Podcast is Better Than The Podcast of No Return?

Which is your favorite comedy podcast channel? I know the list is endless, especially in this era of digital marketing where social media has swept the media industry. The thing is simple- inasmuch as people used to become popular on TV, these days, it’s about how well you relate with your audience. According to the Statista Organization, more than three billion people are using social media at this very time! So, comedians have taken to themselves to capitalize on this opportunity. But today, we want to know the best sketch comedy. Here’s what to look for!

What language is the podcast?

My childhood was mostly spent watching King Fu movies. I’d spend the whole day watching those epic fights and when I walked out the movie hall, I’d try them out. After growing up, I started realizing that I wanted to understand what exactly the plot was all about- the movies were in Chinese, remember? I realized my childhood favorites were no longer relating with me, and that’s how I found myself in Disney and Hollywood!

I’m sure you also have such a story and certainly, you want to walk right when choosing favorite podcasts. I do not want you to lose five of your irretraceable time trying to guess what the speaker says. Instead, take a podcast that you can relate to.

What does this suggest? Well, if you’re Chinese and you do not speak any other language, you might have no use for Portuguese content and vice versa. Do not feel left out in the jokes when the whole squad laughs hysterically- it’s of no use if you don’t know that language. But, don’t bring Charlie Chaplain’s case in this though.

Who’s podcast is it?

Among the thing that really grasp the audience’s attention is the speaker. Yes- it matters who sings so that you can listen to a song. The person who sings matters as much as the song lyrics do. There are many comedians in DC but in case Dave Chappelle has a show there, many of us will opt to his way instead. A little into history, the nineties were heavily dominated by actors such as Sharon Stone whose movies sold like hot cake. This is simply because the prominence of a story is largely dependent on the persona.

Now, if you want to try out the best podcasts, you should think about the comedian themselves, the language they use and certainly, the availability of the clip. You should also see if it is payable or free. Most comedians are yet to become prominent- so, try out other podcasts too. And, you can take a look at some of the best funny podcasts of all time.